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Christopher H. Joy, D.M.D.

General & Cosmetic Dentist

Palo Alto, CA


Tatjana M.

Great experience! I had a cleaning with Amy and she was excellent! I would recommend this office to my friends and family.

Barbara O.

Dr. Joy went out of his way to take care of me in somewhat of an emergency. The staff are all very helpful and friendly.

Sarah B.

Dr Joy gave the most detailed examination I’ve ever had! He was very patient & answered all of my questions. I got a root canal that was virtually painless. The cleaning I received was also very thorough. I don’t like the fact that the individual rooms have no doors. I would think that doors are an advantage during a pandemic, keeping the different patients separated while they have their masks off. I understand that there are air filters and fans in the rooms.

Eileen T.

Ken L.

Christine B.

Dr. Joy has been taking excellent care of my teeth for many years. Recently I had an accident and chipped one of my front teeth. He was able to repair it and you would never know it had been chipped! A miracle! I am so thankful!

Carol B.

Michelle D.

Andrei L.

I am a Professor of Physics and a patient of Dr. Christopher Joy. I managed to break one of my front teeth in December 2002. When Dr. Joy looked at it, it was clear that we have a problem of a very unusual kind, because not much remained of the tooth. It took several months of his work in parallel with his daughter Adrienne from Joy Orthodontics, and now I can finally smile again. I am very impressed by the quality of their work. Chris is a charming and highly intelligent person, with a passion to photography, which I share, and I think that he takes personal pride in the way my teeth look now after these procedures. I am very happy to recommend Chris and Adrianne, they make a great team!

Joseph J.



Robin F.

Steve P.

A very caring and professional organization.

Leslie A.

Dr. Joy and his staff are fantastic! Great work, no pain, amazing photos in the office, and even book recommendations! Thanks, guys!

Marie S.

Rick W.

Laura S.

Gene D.

Patrick C.


Suzanne W.

This was my first visit to Dr. Joy’s practice. Everyone was professional and courteous; the experience was a delight. I look forward to continuing this relationship!

Linda K.

Great experience all around. I've been a patient of Dr. Joy for 20 years at least and have always been taken care of in a caring but also a professional manner. Amy is my usual hygienist but all the staff are fantastic,.

Peggy L.

I was having significant pain in the area of my lower left molars, and a friend of mine suggested that I contact Dr. Joy. I did, and just in time. Dr. Joy and his staff, a great team, arranged for an immediate appointment. He identified the problem, carefully explained what was happening, and took immediate steps to fix it. The entire team was efficient and friendly. I have confidence in them to solve my dental problems.

Susan J.

My first visit with Dr. Joy was very pleasant and thorough. We set up a plan to get the most needed work done before I leave for the winter.

Peter B.

Very well run with excellent staff who have all been there for many years. Excellent dental care.

Dan H.

Dr. Joy’s office is exceptionally clean, spacious, designed and equipped to keep patients safe. The staff works as a team to combine their expertise for an efficient yet personal experience. Every detail of our oral health was evaluated and services carefully considered by cost and effectiveness. We were surprised by the amount of time given to our care. Following our initial consultation my wife and I were able to make cleaning appointments within two weeks. Our cleaning visits were unusually comfortable and thorough. It takes high standards, experience and a lot of heart to make a dental business this good.

Jeff S.

Anne C.

Sarah S.

Amy is an amazing hygienist and Dr. Joy is the best.

Page L.

Suzie P.

Excellent dental care!


Dr. Joy is an outstanding dentist with a highly trained and professional staff. State of the art techniques while ensuring no pain to the patient! The BEST!


Judith A.

Virginia S.

Sandra S.

Everyone in the office was so friendly and accommodating

Dan B.

Outstanding attention to patient care at every level of the team. Had an event over the weekend that disrupted previous veneer restoration. The after hour call back was incredibly supportive and setting up an appointment for Monday morning with Dr. Joy was able to quickly recovering aesthetic appearance and longer term corrective plan.

Linda B.

Barb S.

Allie C.

Dr. Joy and his staff are provide the most thorough and attentive dental care I have ever experienced. Dr. Joy strikes me as a real genius who, fortunately for his patients, has put that intellect to work in dentistry. He has the most modern equipment and is able to walk you through each element of your dental health and what care may be needed. The office is absolutely immaculate and the staff is utterly professional and friendly - from Danielle at the desk, to Holly who assists Dr. Joy -awesome! Many thanks to all for making my experience so pleasant and informative.

Molly L.

Jake F.

Gordon S.

Very professional. Likable.

Carol C.

Given the length of time since my last visit, I was not looking forward to my appointment. The staff could not have been more welcoming or "forgiving of my lapse". Amy worked on my teeth - and even spent extra time to make sure the cleaning was thorough! She is just excellent and pleasant, and I am actually looking forward to my next appointment. Thank you!

Charles L.

Nimish M.

Lizzie (Dental Hygienist) is excellent! Our entire family goes to Dr Joy's office for dental needs. And in general, that whole team (incl Dr Joy) are superb. Highly recommend.

Chris D.

Awesome experience. Friendly and patient staff and expert dentist!

Christina S.

I have been a patient of Christopher Joy's since 1984, wouldn't change.

Ellen F.

Mark M.

Joan H.

Dr. Joy is the best dentist ever! He's so talented, empathetic, fun to talk to and is very reassuring. I actually look forward to my dental visits! He and his staff work as a seamless team. Switch to Joy if you haven't yet! You will be happy that you did!

David S.

Very thorough cleaning. Less pain on hitting the gum than cleaning sometimes involves.

Anthony T.

Dr Joy still has the best Dental Office on planet earth.

Per S.

mary f.

Corinna M.

Ricardo O.

Dr. Joy and his staff took excellent care of my daughter. From Start to Finish this was an exceptional experience for our first finish. Extremely clear and concise communication from Liz at the front desk & amazing care taken by Lizzie and Dr. Joy while doing the exam and cleaning. We couldn't be happier! Thank you Dr. Joy and team! Maya is already asking about her next visit.

Allison L.

Anne R.

Stan H.

terrific outfit

Ann L.

The entire Dr. Joy staff is fabulous. If you have sensitive teeth like I have would highly recommend Amy. Liz always has a smile is on her face and so helpful. All my family loves Dr. Joy. He is the best.

Steve D.

Michael G.

Excellent. Could hardly be better!!

Dan R.

Thomas E.

Philip D.

Patty I.

Tim W.

Excellent care as usual. Seems like a very good workplace. Nice to see someone who enjoys what they do and is so good at it (Dr. Joy).


Saw me on an emergency basis, and took me in immediately as though I'd been a patient under his care for years. Exceptional!

lilanthi r.

I love Dr Joy! I have been going to him for 20 years and I have never had anything but the best care! 5 stars!

Daryl H.

Incredible office staff and as always Dr. Joy is amazing

Pamela R.

Richard S.

Jill B.

Dr. Chris Joy has been my dentist for 40 years. His talent is exemplary. Chris is a dedicated, compassionate professional, that I have trusted with my dental needs for decades. There is no other dentist I would ever consider seeing because Dr. Joy is the best!

Annelise P.

Nancy P.

Mirla R.

Always a delight to see Dr. Joy and his staff. Clean office, knowledgeable and friendly staff, and time to listen to my concerns.

Alejandra C.

stuart o.

Excellent dental care, highly competent and highly professional. I only wish I had switched to Dr Joy years ago!

Steven H.

Dr. Joy and his staff are very professional and accommodating as well as very thorough. I have been very pleased with the services provided and highly recommend this office.

Jodi L.

Raymond E.

Called one day with a broken crown. Appointment next day 8am. Can't ask for better care than that!

Karen A.


Wilhelmine P.

Dr Joy has been my dentist since 2000. To be clear. For the last 22 years. I turn to him with a toothache. And he has placed all the crowns on my implants. He works with a skilled team and the results are as good as having my own teeth. Although blessed with quite healthy teeth. I have my husband see dr Joy. Dr joy will do the least intrusive repairs or modifications — but they always are the perfect decisions. Highly recommend being in his care!

John S.

Excellent care and staff.

Tim I.