Dentures are a set of artificial teeth and are used to replace your natural ones. They are aesthetically very pleasing and removable as well. There are two types of dentures; namely complete dentures and partial dentures.

What are the advantages of dentures?

  • Dentures restore the functionality of the mouth. People with dentures can comfortably bite and chew food.
  • They restore the natural shape of the cheeks and the lips.
  • They look exactly like natural teeth. Hence, you wouldn't feel embarrassed for wearing dentures as they're almost indistinguishable from natural teeth.
  • They help to improve your speech.
  • They are removable.
  • Cleaning your dentures is very easy. They can be removed, brushed like natural teeth and put back on.
  • They are pretty comfortable and do not tend to get displaced in the mouth.

What are complete dentures and partial dentures?

Complete dentures are used when one has lost all of his/her teeth. Complete dentures can either be conventional or immediate.
Conventional dentures: The dentist removes the natural teeth and the wounds are allowed to heal. After the wounds heal, a precise mold of the mouth is taken for fabricating the dentures. The dentures will be made and ready in a few weeks.
Immediate dentures: Immediate dentures can be worn even before the wounds heal. A mold will be taken a few weeks before the teeth are removed and sent to the dental laboratory for fabrication. After the teeth have been extracted, the dentures can be worn and the wounds would be allowed to heal. The advantage with immediate dentures is that the patient wouldn't have to go without teeth even for a few days.
Partial dentures are customized according to the patient's requirement. Getting multiple dental implants wouldn't be a good option when many teeth are lost, and hence, partial dentures would be the best option in such cases.

How are dentures made?

Dentures are usually made of acrylic. But, metals and composites are also used to make dentures. If any teeth have to be extracted prior to getting dentures, the dentist extracts them. A highly precise mold of the teeth will be taken and sent to a dental laboratory, where the dentures will be made. The dentist would place them in your mouth and check for fit and comfort. Based on your feedback, any changes required will be made immediately.

Care of dentures

Dentures must be cared for just like you care for your natural teeth. They must regularly be removed and brushed to get rid of all the bacteria and food particles that are stuck in between the teeth. This would also prevent staining. Initially, the dentures may feel uncomfortable. But, with regular use, you eventually get used to them. Visiting the dentist regularly is necessary to monitor the change in the fit of your dentures and to adjust them accordingly.


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